Saturday, April 30, 2011

how's everything??

Today, I'm 28 weeks pregnant (7 months) to be exact... This morning, I went to KSH (Kuantan Specialist Hospital) for regular check up. Actually, the initial plan was supposed to go for check up last week at PCMC (Prince Court Medical Centre)... But UNFORTUNATELY for me and the baby, we had to cancel the appointment due to 'a golf game' that this man so called the father of this baby, had to attend...
Well.... To be a understanding and a very supportive wife, I'm okay with it and request PCMC to postpone our check up date to another appointment. Since my ubat-ubatan pon is running out of stock, I plan to go to KSH instead for check up and restock all those supplements..

How HAPPY I am! When the doc scan this lil baby inside me... Perfectly and with clear image, we could see her faces... The nose, the mouth, the eyes, hands.... Ouhhhhhhh, it really does touched my heart, indeed... Nearly wanna cry but too shy as infront of the doc and nurse... The doc said, everything looks good, the baby's weight currently 1.1kg, uri position is up, air ketuban looks ok, but baby's head is up, she looks like a in a sitting position.. But doc said its fine, she still hv times to move and turn later...

So far, myself am good.. Nothings major complication or pains.. Only sometimes saja kejang urat kaki and rs pedih-pedih sikit kat perut.. And of course, when ur in 3rd trimester.. 24 HOURS... Ull feel uncomfortable of yourself, your body.. Tido pon susah, berdiri pon tak larat, even duduk pon serba tak kena, baby's won't stop moving, not only kicking, but also stretching and pushing our stomach.. Ooouuchh! Huhuuu... As expected laaaa kan.. Baru 7 months, nanti dah 9 months, fuhhh, lagi TERASA dia punya strength menendang, men-strecthing.. Hahaaa..

Yes true.... It is REALLY uncomfortable.. But after this 9 months journey.. Ill bet you, any mummies will miss this experience.. Kaannnn... Hihiii..

Anyway, another 2 months to go, or maybe less... Wish me luck and safe to go thru all this, again... Hihiii... Amin

With love,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

hormon tak stabil???

i don't know what's up with me lately.......
im sooo sensitive and very emo-emo damn easily.......... short temper, cepat terasa, and easily tense...... i don't know why, seriously........
is it because of pregnancy (now 24 weeks ++) and my hormone tak stable keee, or because of being superb duper bz with year end audit keee, or because of aircond kat office nih dh seminggu macam tak sejuk aje, masalah apa tak tau........ or ..... i don't know why........... uhuhuuuuuuu =(

right now..... i just wish that no one bother me with something remeh temeh, something yang can make me upset/angry, serabut giler skang!!!

urgghhhhhh! rimas, rimas, rimaaaasssssssssssssssssssss!

with little love.... HH