Friday, March 5, 2010

Birthday my love MAMA

hehee..on 13 February 2010 was birthday my mother...
4 of us, adik beradik celebrate it at our home Puncak Bangi!

it was one of the memorable moment ever, i tell you...
mama dapat special special double special present this year from 4 of us!

from Angah - Black Shining Purse from BONIA...
from Hafiza - 6 pieces drop gorgeous beautiful dining table set
from Hardiana - Silver Gold hand watch from BONIA
and the most special is...
from Hafidzi - da most delicious marvelous lemon drink

Mama absolutely greatly happyyyyy with all the present + the last minute cake + the suprise's sing from us..(^_^)

here some gorgeous pic ever 2010.. hahahh... credit to the photographer M Hafidzi Haris

mama terlalu excited, terus call papa at sudan and update him on da suprise.. haha

Happy birthday to you mama!!!
we really love you big much, Muaaahxx..

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