Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thank you 2014

Im a skinny fat.

Year 2014 was a trully remarkable full of excitement.. not becoz of many joyful and cheerfullness in my 2014 diary.. but because it is full of challenging and dramassss and tearssss and screaming and laughter of course!

Hehee.. Well I'm not gonna lie, yes at one time I feel like.. I wanna give up! Just... giving up! Run away and shut the door! And do my own thing and syuhhhss everyone!!! Soooooo really damn tired and exhausted with the challenges one by one.. one after another.. uhuhuhuuuukkss... 😭😭😭😭

But anyway, I also dont know where I get my strength back.. where I get my motivation back.. to keep on going.. just keep on moving.. just keep on foward.. just stay.. stay.. dont quit.. dont run away..

Learn to letgo of the past.. learn by experience.. and improved.. and be gratefull.. and thank you Allah for everything..

Sitting alone, at first I said to myself.. I did nothing great nor achieved anything in 2014.. but I realised, I was wrong! Yes.. in biz, maybe a lil slow but in life.. I have HUGE achievement! Experiencing travel to Phillippines and attended NCIP training for 11 days with huge pregnant belly 7 months (pheeeww.. not easy), learn the AMAZING ncip Bayanihan system, met lots of awesome and lovely people in phillippines, get my ZUMBA License after almost 2 years been dreaming to have it, first time ever joined 5KM Fun Run by Herbalife, and many many more beautiful stories thru-out my 2014 diaries.

If I were still an employee, my 2014 journey cud be diff.. but I cudnt ask for more.. this is the best and it makes me, Me today!

So.. back to the above statement. I'm a skinny fat. And my new resolution for 2015 is to be skinny muscular? Hahahaa.. ofcos I wanna lose body fat especially at my midsection. More weight training and some cardio. Eat right, high protein, complex carbo and good fat! I need to eat more.. I mean more frequent with small portion. (Seriously I doubt myself.. haha)

2015, please be nice to me 😊

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