Sunday, September 14, 2008

Glasgow & Edinburgh, Scotland

Assalamualaikum & Good Day...

Penat sungguh minggu lepas, bertungkus lumus sibuk membuat persediaan untuk majlis sentuhan kasih Petronas 2008. Finally, we end it up beautifully with a remarkable finale from all.

Myself pon trus spontaneous nyer bernyanyi bersama and interact wif all the unfortunate kids.
I will share some of the photos later.. i promised!

And now, i want to share wif all of you my photos of trip to Scotland.
I went to Glasgow and Edinburgh. It was my first time went abroad and i'm of course soo excited, soo happy =)

so girls.. ceki-daut the photos below!

Overall, it was fun! Hubby pon nampak seronok sgt.. I hope next time dapat pegi lagi..
Tak puas rasa jalan2 di negara orang... Syiokk!! hihihihiii..
Okla geng, that's it for now i guess.. i will share more photos and more story mory...


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