Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Majlis Sentuhan Kasih 2008


Last 2 weeks (13/09/2008) we have our Majlis Sentuhan Kasih with all unfortunate kids from various school in East Coast area..

I'm one of the committee member for the event (committee Entertainment), so of course, very da buzy to prepare itu ini.. We have 2 nasyid group sang during the event and 1 cute little girl perform a story telling about Rasulullah saw.. for the finale of entertainment we all (everyone in the hall) sang together the song called Your Mother! and I, spontaneously.. go to the crowd with the mike lead the crowd, sing together.. It was fun, and of course ada nervous2 sket... tapi best la... after that, its time for VIP to hand over a special gift to all the kids by each OPUs..

Here, you may ceki-daut the photos..

It was wonderfull! I have so much fun with the children.. they seems so happy... dapat duit raya, dapat basikal baru, baju baru, beg baru... syukur alhamdullilah...

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