Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Happiest Moment

I like the word 'HAPPY'.. I like the word 'FUN'.. I like the word 'SMILE'.. I like the word 'ENJOY'.. I like the word 'LAUGH'.. I like the word 'LOVE'.. I like the word 'FAMILY'..
I like all those words.. it shows us all the good things, positive things, great things.... and those words make me smile.. makes other people smile too, right?!

So, when nuffnang blog on a contest called 'My Happiest Moment', it instantly catches my eyes! Why? Because I'm happy to share an entry on my blog about my happiest moment laaa.. And actually this entry post is a bit delay, although I have compose it few days before lagi....*sorry* This few days been very busy and kepoh-ness at office and at home, itu pasal lambat sikit (lame me, i know... old standard boring reason) ... and finally today i get to PUBLISH this entry post..

What is my happiest moment yaa? hrmm.... (eyes drooling.. fingers tapping on the lappy.. sigh..) AHAAA!
Mouse drooling on the lappy screen (bukan mouse=tikus yang ada ekor, ada mata tu yee... mouse=tetikus).. AHAAA! *again... sebut dengan nada macam ala-ala surprise terperanjat lagi excited* (erkkk..) ok ok.. so finally i found which picture i wanna share...

For me, there's no other thing that can be the HAPPIEST moment to me can beat this....

"Spending a quality time with MY FAMILY is the MOST HAPPIEST MOMENT"

GREATEST AWESOMENESS SERONOKNESS SYOKNESS BESTESS moment ever laa! ngehee.. kan kan.. Gambar di bawah adalah pertaruhan saya yerrrr...

Hafiza (3), Hardi (2), Hardiana (1), M Hafidzi (4)

How I wish I have a remote button.. rewind back and press pause at this moment!!! I love them sooo much and how I wish also, I would always with you guys and support *cayok-cayok.. sambil pegang pomp-pomp* (erkkss..again) from behind... Kalau kami berempat berjumpa and get-together, memang boleh GEGAR itu rumah, muahahahaa... KENAPA GEGAR??! hahaa... sebab kami semua carry the same DNA, kami semua GEDIKSSS tak hingaatt, kami semua suker CAMWHORE perasan cun kiut-miut, and kami semua jenis SLAMBERR and kurang sangat perasaan malu-malu kucing (in other words, tak tau malu kottt haha)

Time Hari Raya, kalau kami pergi ziarah rumah sedara mara... tuan rumah tak sempat nak jemput makan, kami sudah dengan gelojoh and lahap nyer menelan kuih-muih, kek-kek, keropok-kerepek kat atas meja! *includes HAFIY.. (i think he follow my DNA more lah kott, coz daddy dia totally 360 degree diff) AND I miss those moment HAPPY, GEDIKS, GELAK, KEPOHCHI, GILA-GILA, CHAMWORING with my brothers sister... sebab tu jugak, i always looking foward biler time cuti-cuti panjang and dapat jumpa mereka semua... LOVE IS IN THE AIR! (ecehh..ecehh..)

Soooo, what do you think? How about yours? What is your happiest moment? Come'on... share with us too... If you wish to join the contest also... here's what you need to do:-

1. Write a blog post titled “My Happiest Moment”.
2. Include a photo in your blog post that describes your happiest moment. It can be a pre-existing photo, or you can go out and shoot something that represents that moment!
3. Download this file containing Olympus Happy Photography logo variations, choose one of the colour variations and include it in your blog post as well.
4. Once you have written your blog post and taken your photo reflecting the theme of ‘Happy Photography’, submit them at and the best photos with stories behind them will win some awesome prizes from Olympus!
You'll have a chances to win these prices baybeh!

1st prize – Olympus PEN Lite E-PL3 Kit
2nd Prize – Olympus PEN mini E-PM1 Kit
3rd – 5th Prize – Olympus PEN Leather carry-all bag

The deadline is 11.59PM, 12 November 2011 (Saturday)! What are you waiting for... start writing your HAPPY-HAPPY moment and submit it.. Good luck to you others and also to ME!

With love.. HH


Myvitrd said...

good luck semoga berjaya..

diANa hARiS said...

Myvitrd: Thanks

Dr Zatiel Ismail said...

hi. i can feel ur happiness. ^^

diANa hARiS said...

dr zatiel: "i gotta feeling.." sambil nyanyi2 lagu blck eyed peas.. hihi

Alin Marlini said...

cantik gambar tu..smg berjaya :)

Atenyana said...

join it tooooo.....
Good luck!

diANa hARiS said...

alin: thanks alin!

Atenyana: yeay *sep tangan*... everyone else also should join too!

Anonymous said...

awal yang baik