Saturday, October 22, 2011

Real Steel was Awesome!

Today, I've spent a quality time (ecehh..ecehh) with my siblings... we watched movie at Alamanda GSC (the nearest cinema besides the Mines lah kann)... A lot of GOOD movies out there, but we choose "Real Steel" instead because of the reviews from our friends saying that this movie is a MUST watch one..

Woooouu... seriously this movie is AWESOME babe!! Myself and my sister was like soooo emotional watching this movie... HAHAHAA... sambil watching, sambil making noises like "AAARGHH!" "HIYAAARKK!" "COME ON! COME ONE!" "YEAAAAAAAA!" MasyaAllah.... kami memang bising laaa... sooo GEDIKS tak hingat... and that lil boy wasss super cute and handsome!

The main actors in the movie are Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lily, Dakota Goyo (lil handsome boy), Kevin Durand and Anthony Mackie.. It's about Robot Boxing... and this lil handsome boy has his own robot that he found from a thrash/junk place.. sooo, this robot somehow has a personal touch to the boy and also hugh jackman... and then, they train it (or in this movie the robot named ATOM) for boxing league... and plus ATOM can dance! soooo cute...

Saya memang jarang tengok movie, sooo i really enjoy our movie outing very much! The others who have yet to watch it, grab the tickets fast at your nearby cinema... it is highly recommended babe;)

With love..HH

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Niccc said...

Yea. This movie not bad. :-) rmbr to check on my blog ya!