Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tips untuk mudahkan sesuatu pekerjaan!

Chronology emails between myself and my Papa.. check-it out!

From: Haris
To: Hardiana 
Kyung, thank you so much for the money below.  How are cucu2 atuk doing there.?  Ada gambar hana, hafiy latest? How is yr work? Tak jadi Pindah KL?  
Pa cini fine sudan nowadays masih panas aroud 39 deg. Nx month may be start sejuk skek kot..also busy with split north.south sudan.haha

From: Hardiana
To: Haris 
Salam papa!
Wah. speaking like a sudanist dah. 'busy with split north south sudan'.. hihi
Hana and hafiy doing great! Both baik ajer..
My work masyaAllah super bz sgt dgn  budget cycle skarang. im coming home at late night, weekend kerja. biler sampai rumah, both kids dh tido. 
Feel so guilty and sad. am sure both waited for mummy to come home sampai tertido dua-duanya. huhuuu. kalau la kyg ada duit, rs cam nk resign jer, jadi fulltime mother. haha. when having two beautiful kids now, priority tuh cam dh lain. feeling2 nk jadi excel and star in career dah tak brapa nk feel lah. haha. 
Pindah KL?... ermm, tunggu ppa year end nanti. nak try jgk mintk transfer.
Gambar hana and hafiy ada kt attachment.
Okla papa, sambung kerja pulak. take care yer!

-----Original Message-----
From: Haris 
To: Hardiana 
Yeah.I understand how you feel.but .what you are suffering and fighting for now is for yr kids' future.memang kalau fikirkan yang senang saja kita malas.. but Allah maha mengetahui and maha long as you are doing yr work keranaNYA insya'allah one day you'll be proud of what you done in the past..i think the best is sabar and bertahan with what you have but try to find some "relief" or relax time for your love ones..cuba blend together yr busy time with something you are happy doing with e.g. find time during the day ke ..and meet your kids if you cannot come back early from work.believe need a good job and income to make yr kids happy nanti..
Ok happy, be strong and ..sembahyang awal waktu k.Allah kata ..kalau kita nak selesai semua kerja..mesti kena sembahyang awal waktu.ini memang dah terbukti kepada sgt ramai orang trmasuk Papa. salam Azmi and to two lovely cucu2 Pa.Owh..muka Hana dah tembam and tak mcm 'sauna' lagi  dah.

And guess what readers...... that tips from papa was sooo true... Kalau kita solat awal waktu, memang kerja semua jadi cepat siap and mudah! it really does work WONDERFULLY on me!!! JANGAN LENGAHKAN SOLAT lagi lepas ni.. insyaAllah

Thank you PAPA! You're the best father to me!!!

yang tengah tuh Headquarters, the remaining four tuh subsidiaries.. (ecehh...)
the Fantastic Four of Haris.. ;)

muahxx2... love you... HH


newrin said...

so true babe, there are time we feel like we want to quit our job but what ur father said is right, the money we earn tu we can use to give the best to our children esp. for their education, there are time that we are free we can use the extra money from our hardwork to spend quality time for our family...

whether you like it or not, money is the main contributor to our happiness but we have to know how to control it to ensure that we dont become "hamba duit"

what i always do when i feel so stress at work ..i start to compare what i have to those who dont, tht's when i feel soo grateful and rasa malu dgn diri sendiri sebab banyak complaint padahal ramai org yg lg unfortunate

insya Allah babe hopefully Allah bless us always :)

diANa hARiS said...

itula kan babe... kgd2 i byk sgt merungut but biler tgk orang lain lagi raaamai yang unfortunate... something need to ponder back and muhasabah diri.... kene sedar2 la and bawak bersyukur... ngeheheee